herpes me

i'm socially awkward even in the internet but if you mention about butts it's different ( ´∀`)☆

Getting your OTPs in first episodes

Kuro saves Shiro from SCEPTER 4 in a gay way he actually wanted to kill him though

Your OTP starts talking meaningfully to each other

Suddenly flashback of Totsuka’s happy moments with HOMRA 

Seeing the way Munakata beated Kuro up

Fushimi leaving HOMRA

Neko turns out to help Shiro for the other students think that they know him but actually neither of them does and the last thing Shiro remembers before he came to school is getting kicked out from a zeplin

Shiro turns out to be the Silver King Adolf K Weissman

Epic fight among everyone happening against The Colorless King

Lots of Mikoto and Munakata scene

In purpose of killing The Colorless King Shiro dies too

Mikoto dies after that

Anna screams

HOMRA shouting “NO BLOOD NO BONE NO ASH” after Mikoto’s death 

Kuro staring sadly when Neko shouts that Shiro is the Immortal King

K ends

New season announcement

Wait how can I watch a season with a dead Mikoto

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